What We Do

We play various roles in many economic development and industry activities statewide, sometimes leading, sometimes facilitating, and sometimes providing guidance and expertise.

We get involved in small projects with entrepreneurs to large opportunities with Fortune 500 companies, from helping a small business find one employee to launching new training programs for all chemical companies in the state, and from offering advice on company expansions to providing leadership and expertise on significant strategic initiatives.

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A few examples of our past success:
  • Played key roles in attracting Kureha and Optima to Belle, US Methanol to Institute, TCL Specialties to New Martinsville, and Nucor to Mason County
  • Played a leading role in the donation of the WV Regional Technology Park (former Union Carbide and Dow Tech Center) to the State of West Virginia
  • Launched ChemAssist and assisted more than 138 startups and small companies – helping to create more than 120 jobs, retain more than 180 jobs, and bring in more than $11 million in funding as of 2023
  • Continue to assist in the growth of the WV Regional Technology Park, working to bring new companies such as Helicon Chemical and assist current companies such as AVN
  • Initiated the BridgeValley Community and Technical College Process Technology (chemical operator) training program
  • Led or participated in strategic industry initiatives, including attracting producers of key raw materials to support current manufacturers
  • Provided guidance to numerous projects focused on strategic initiatives involving Rare Earth Elements, hydrogen production (including ARCH2), downstream users of shale gas, and decarbonization and sustainability