Our Success is Your Success

The Chemical Alliance Zone partners with the State of WV, other economic development groups, and many companies and organizations across West Virginia to boost and maintain investments and jobs in the chemical industry and related industries, including energy, manufacturing, advanced materials, and biotechnology. We create, initiate, and facilitate business opportunities. We want you, your business, and the entire state to thrive.

Who we are

We’re the Best of West Virginia

CAZ is a nonprofit economic development group. Our members include chemical, energy, manufacturing, and engineering firms, along with support and service companies and other businesses that support our mission and benefit from our work to maintain and create jobs and investments across the State.  We create opportunities for the State and your business.

What We Do

We’re Building the Future

CAZ works to bring jobs to the Mountain State. We strive to attract investment to the chemical industry and the bevy of sectors that support and benefit from the industry. We represent those industries from the Capital to the panhandles. We educate and advise.  We facilitate and collaborate.  We reinforce economic development, workforce development and strategic initiatives.