Methanol, Storage Hub and More!

We Have Methanol!

It’s not exactly like Steve Martin in The Jerk (“The new phone book is here!”), but it is good to strike one off of the list.  US Methanol held a groundbreaking ceremony for its first methanol plant, Liberty One, at Dow Chemical’s Institute site on September 6th.  Widely used in the Kanawha Valley and in WV, methanol has been a priority for CAZ for a number of years, so we are pleased to have that raw material to supply local users.  Production is expected to start by the middle of 2018 and the company is expected to create 50 permanent jobs.  US Methanol’s second plant, Liberty Two, is already being planned for a site in West Virginia.

You can see the complete story here … US Methanol Breaks Ground at Institute … and can read an editorial on the groundbreaking, including our thoughts that we are in a steeplechase marathon instead of a sprint, here … Daily Mail Editorial – Welcome US Methanol.

N3 to Bring 300 Jobs to WVRTP (Strategic CAZ Project)

N3, an international sales and marketing strategy consulting firm based in Atlanta, will soon be hiring some of West Virginia’s best and brightest, bringing 300 jobs to the West Virginia Regional Technology Park (WVRTP).  While N3 is not a chemical, energy, or manufacturing firm — CAZ’s typical wheelhouse — the WVRTP is one of CAZ’s strategic projects, and we were pleased to play a role in assisting N3, WVRTP, and other major players (especially the Charleston Area Alliance) in this endeavor.

You can see more info here … N3 Brings Jobs to Tech Park

Three Potential Sites Identified for Appalachian Storage Hub

A research team led by WVU, and including state officials from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, has identified three geological formations for storing ethane and other high-value natural gas liquids underground.  This is an important step in developing an Appalachian Storage Hub … something we have been touting with partners since 2011 … and ultimately boosting chemical and other manufacturing in the Mountain State and region.  You can read more about the unveiling of the study and the potential of creating thousands of jobs here … Ethane Storage Could Lead to Significant Job Growth

And if you’d like to see the actual study, data, and more … WV Geological and Economic Survey ASH Study

Let me know if you have any questions or other thoughts.

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