Flood Relief Efforts Award, Industry History, Jobs and Opportunities

CAZ Receives Award with WVSU for Flood Relief Efforts

CAZ, West Virginia State University (WVSU), and the Kanawha Valley Section of the American Chemical Society recently received a Partners for Progress and Prosperity Regional Award (P3) from the American Chemical Society (ACS) for their flood relief efforts following the historic flood of 2016.   WVSU Chemistry Professor Dr. Micheal Fultz led the effort, partnering with CAZ and its members to provide relief to the affected schools by replacing science equipment.  Donations came in from across the community and country, including from WVSU alumni, Dow Chemical, Preiser Scientific, and Mylan Pharmaceuticals.  We believe this is the first such award ever made in West Virginia, and the partners are now in line for a possible national award from ACS.  You can see more  here.

CAZ Creating Jobs and Opportunities through ChemAssist

CAZ is assisting entrepreneurs and start-ups in chemistry-related industries across WV, including traditional and green chemistry, energy, biotechnology and more, through its ChemAssist program.  Working with partners like MATRIC, TechConnectWV, INNOVA, WVU Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Center for Applied Research and Technology (CART), Robert C. Byrd Institute (RCBI), the Charleston Area Alliance, and the WV Regional Technology Park, we have:

  • Assisted over 30 companies (from 1-person start-ups to 100+ employees)
  • Helped facilitate almost $3 million in follow-on funding
  • Helped retain at least 18 Jobs

And we are creating opportunities for new jobs, much needed innovation, and future growth and diversification for the Mountain State.

CAZ Presents the History of WV’s Chemical Industry

Did you know that WV’s chemical industry began with salt?  Can you believe that WWI and WWII not only changed history across the globe, but significantly impacted the chemical industry in the Mountain State?  And did you know the city of Nitro was built to support the war effort during WWII?

These tidbits and more were presented by Kevin DiGregorio at a two-day event celebrating the 100-year anniversary of chemical engineering at WVU.  From the development of DuPont, Union Carbide, and Monsanto in the Roaring 20’s to the current potential of shale gas, the history of WV’s chemical industry is varied, fascinating, and full of innovation.

Kevin also chaired the planning committee for the event, and the event was sponsored in part by two CAZ members, Dow Chemical and Braskem.

I hope you will make time to read these bits of good news, and please let me know your thoughts.

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