Commerce Secretary, Storage Hub and more …

New Secretary of Commerce Woody Thrasher Touts Shale Opportunities to CAZ Members

At our recent Members Meeting, new West Virginia Secretary of Commerce Woody Thrasher spoke highly of several economic opportunities around the state but put shale gas in a different category, calling the opportunity by far the most important in West Virginia.  He and his colleagues at the WV Development Office are working alongside CAZ and other partners to turn our shale gas resources into new manufacturing investments and jobs.  With enough ethane in the region for five or six crackers and enough shale gas to last well past 50 years, we are in many ways still on the cusp of this generational opportunity.

Appalachian Storage Hub Conference June 15

You’ve likely heard lots of information on a potential Appalachian Storage Hub — underground storage facilities for ethane and possibly other NGLs plus pipelines to move ethane and other feedstocks to chemical plants.  If not, you can read more here … The $10 Billion Petchem Growth Engine for Appalachia.  And you can also attend the first Appalachian Storage Hub Conference on June 15 in Canonsburg PA where Kevin will be moderating a Chemical Industry Panel discussion featuring both Dow Chemical and US Methanol.  You can find info on the Storage Hub and conference in a recent lead story in Marcellus Drilling News … Next Mega Project … Appalachian Storage Hub.

AEP Joins Dow Chemical and WV American Water as CAZ Sponsors

We are grateful to all of our CAZ Members, big and small, but a few deserve special notice for contributing to our mission above and beyond their membership dues.  We offer a big thanks to Appalachian Electric Power for recently joining Dow Chemical and WV American Water as CAZ sponsors.

  • The Dow Chemical Company … Events and Operations Sponsorship
  • West Virginia American Water … ChemCeption (Incubator) Sponsorship
  • American Electric Power … Economic Development Sponsorship

I hope you will let me know your thoughts.

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